Receive Pet Microchipping in Hazard

When your dog or cat gets lost, it’s a scary time. So many questions run through your mind, but the main one is, “will my best friend be found?” More often than not, your furry friend will make their way back home to you. But what if you’re not at home and you’re on a trip somewhere? If your family pet takes off into unfamiliar territory, how will you know if they’re ever found? Will they come back to you?

This problem can be avoided if you receive pet microchipping in Hazard at Town & Country Animal Clinic. Sure, your dogs and cats already likely have tags with their name and information printed on them. But a microchip is a more permanent form of identification. It’s a computer chip that has your pet’s name and information stored onto it. When your pet is found by someone, the microchip is scanned, and then no matter where they are, you will find and reunite with them. This is why our team at Town & Country Animal Clinic encourages you to come for pet microchipping in Hazard. Never again will you have to worry about your best friend getting lost, and your family will be complete.

How Does Pet Microchipping Work?

When your pet comes in to receive microchipping in Hazard at Town & Country Animal Clinic, the process is no different from a vaccination. The microchip is quite small, about the size of a grain of rice. There’s no big procedure involved for inserting it. We just place it between your dog or cat’s shoulders, on the surface of their skin. It doesn’t take long, and after the procedure, you can register the needed information onto the chip. Our facility offers the HomeAgain microchip, which again, is a permanent form of identification for your pet that can’t be removed. To learn more about this brand of microchip, visit their main website.

If you’re interested in microchipping your pet, contact us at 606-436-3446 to get the process started.